Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.
— Arundhati Roy

Bypassing Borders and Existing Systems by Unifying Ourselves


Unifying the Unifiers

The World Summit is about uniting and gathering people, groups and organizations beyond our different goals and the political and economic systems that divide us, because ultimately we all want the same thing — a more beautiful world that our hearts tell us is possible.

VIDEO: Zeitgeist Movement founder Peter Joseph on the inherent danger of "Groups".

A NEED is (and only is) that without which life-capacity is always reduced.

We want to create the more beautiful world our hearts tell us is possible—a sacred world, a world that works for everybody, a world that is healing, a world of peace.
— Charles Eisenstein, Author: Sacred Economics

Imagine the wonderful future we could create if we are bold enough


Must-Read BOOK: The Next Copernican Revolution
- by Troy Wiley

Take a moment to imagine where we might be today, in terms of human progress, had mavericks like Copernicus and Galileo, and many others throughout history, not found the courage and freedom to come forward and speak their truths. Would we still believe that the earth was the center of the universe?

It takes great courage to not just accept things as they are, but instead to speak our own unconventional truths in the face of the status quo. However scary this prospect may seem, it can lead not only to our own individual liberation, but also to the liberation of humanity.

This book takes a whole-systems, evolutionary perspective in addressing our greatest challenges like climate change, human rights, our dying economic system, and modern day slavery, in all its forms. There’s a new abolitionist movement sweeping the planet to free us of our economic shackles. It’s time to embrace a new story, beyond the old paradigm of fear, separation and fighting a civil war that would be too big and too global to fight, let alone win.

This is a book of hope and optimism which aims to unravel the reality of where we are, the scope of what’s needed, and the 21st-century tools that we now have at our fingertips, literally. I hope you’ll join me on this journey and help shape this more beautiful world that is on its way. We live in the most remarkable and awe-inspiring time to be alive in all of human history.

A NEED is (and only is) that without which life-capacity is always reduced.

During the time that the Wright brothers were building a machine that could fly, expert physicists and engineers were busy writing books about how it was impossible for man to ever fly in any meaningful way. Apparently, the Wright brothers - who were bicycle mechanics - didn’t read those books.
— Jacque Fresco, 1916-2017

VIDEO - Richard Osmaston, the founder of the NZ institute of Resource-Based Economics and Money Free New Zealand discusses some of the core Operating Parameters of the new emerging social model.

A NEED is (and only is) that without which life-capacity is always reduced.

All the trends are one-way, degenerate, and undeniable. Yet where are the dots joined across domains? The common cause is taboo to name. ‘Overpopulation’ is the stock explanation. But it blinkers out the causal mechanism altogether – transnational corporate resource extractions, wastes, pollutions, and depletions of life-carrying capacities everywhere. It is not ‘doubling world populations’ that poison and hollow out the world. The majority poor control only a fraction of the earth resources. What drives the end-game is exponentially multiplying money demand and commodities with ever more wastes. They more than double every decade, but global population rates halve as the damages still escalate. That educated people can go on blinkering out the actual causal mechanism while blaming the majority poor reveals the derangement of this ruling value system.
— Dr. John McMurtry, Author - The Cancer Stage of Capitalism: From Crisis to Cure

Ep 14 VIDEO PREVIEW - "The Life-Value Turn" - breaking down the ruling disorder and installing the missing life coordinates with Casey Davidson, National Coordinator for Zeitgeist Movement Australia.

We’ve now reached a point where we have to make a decision as to whether the species is going to survive in anything like its current form of organisation and social systems.
— Noam Chomsky, the most cited academic in history, 2016.

Ep 15 VIDEO PREVIEW - "Compeition is War" -Nobel Prize winner Thomas Nash speaks about Market Theology, the challenges of thinking in a systems context, and the intended purpose of 'law' and 'policy'.

A NEED is (and only is) that without which life-capacity is always reduced.

Globally, 18 million deaths a year are caused by structural violence, compared with about 100,000 deaths per year from armed conflict. That is, approximately, every 15 years as many people die because of relative poverty as would be killed in a nuclear war that caused 232 million deaths, and every single year, two to three times as many people die from poverty throughout the world as were killed by the Nazi genocide of the Jews over a six-year period. This is, in effect, the equivalent of an ongoing, unending, in fact accelerating, thermonuclear war or genocide, perpetrated on the weak and poor, every year of every decade, throughout the world.
— Dr. James Gilligan

needed immediately in social transition.

These are unpacked in P/S Ep 13 - "Sourcing Solutions". Listen to full episode here.



Ep 13 VIDEO PREVIEW - "Sourcing Solutions" - with Scott Andrew

LIFE CAPITAL is the underlying ground long eluding us – the ultimate base of human society and development, and the only concept which unifies/bridges across social, ecological and organic systems. It is the unseen foundation of the unifying alternative, and applies across all domains without exception.

New ‘natural’ and ‘social capital’ categories may seem to assist us here. But they now only repeat the vicious circle. ‘Natural capital’ is what can be exploited for more money. ‘Human capital’ is more future private money-demand for its owner. ‘Social capital’ is lower transaction costs for profit. ‘Physical capital’ follows suit. Life capital remains without a name. Collective life capital does not exist.

All must be steered back into conserving and producing life goods rather than destroying them, the ultimate policy imperative of the world.

The public authority, policies, subsidies and right to issue sovereign money now lavished upon the life-destructive mutations of private money capital thus end without a shot fired. They are now so dependent on counterfeit money-sequences, treaty edicts, public hand-outs and resources that they cannot go a day without them. The public needs only to reclaim them, not to take a thing.

A NEED is (and only is) that without which life-capacity is always reduced.




VIDEO: Project Sanity host Scott Andrew lays out New Zealand's "Moment of Reckoning".

A NEED is (and only is) that without which life-capacity is always reduced.