The cost of sanity in this society, is a certain level of alienation.
— Terence McKenna

Scott Andrew is a New Zealand born theatre director and social critic.

Frustrated with the absurdity of the imposed life-blind planetary operating system still endured in the early 21st Century, Scott sees true life coherent change as inevitable as 'the market' construct continues to break down and the bio-psycho-social pressures increase. He considers himself to be a de-facto part of this growing social immune system to raise awareness and combat this macro cancer and the urgent immutable social imperative to transition society away from the dominant archaic practices of the market model of Earth Management towards a truly rational and life coherent Natural Law/Resource-Based economic model.

Scott's life thus far has included over 27,000 hours of sitting in a chair playing a variety of roles justifying and rationalising the continued operation of this life-blind cancer system while typing, clicking and speaking to thousands of New Zealanders as they discuss problems inherent in the scarcity-driven market model. At the same time, he has also performed in and/or directed over 40 theatre productions in many different communities throughout New Zealand as a form of meditation to somewhat escape from the still unseen absurdity of this anti-social system we endure to maintain positive and balanced mental health.

Scott is not interested in mere self-promotion. Scott feels that lip-service to 'equality' while also proclaiming 'the need to get ahead' and/or 'the need to get on the property ladder' is, in reality, self-evidently absurd, given the state of our technology today and our industrial capacity to create an abundance to grow life capital to meet human needs and beyond in our emerging post-scarcity reality.

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A NEED is (and only is) that without which life-capacity is always reduced.

Scott Andrew at a Palmerston North candidate debate during the 2017 NZ General Election.

Scott Andrew at a Palmerston North candidate debate during the 2017 NZ General Election.