"Zero Carbon" opposes life-growth by definition

"Zero Carbon" opposes life-growth by definition

by Scott Andrew

Seeking a bottom line goal of "Zero carbon" emissions self-evidently assumes away all organic, social and ecological life requirements - they don't exist. The stated goal in and of itself is clearly structurally life-blind in its name, intentions and reinforcing model by definition.

Where are the human universal life necessities even named? And connected? By what criterion does "Zero Carbon" distinguish between life capital growth and money capital growth? How can any working mind justify a zero carbon bottom line by definition when increasing life-capacity at every level of life-organisation requires life-hosts to emit carbon to continue their existence? The well intentioned goal of this expression is fruitless if it doesn't have a defined objective and universal life-ground and criterion for "reducing carbon emissions to address climate change" and "improved living standards".


Proof positive of this screening out of the life-death distinction also continues to persist in "Green" rhetoric and that of activist identities with active policy support for a life-blind liquid mechanics model of "economics" that destroys more means of life than it produces as "value-adding" and "creating jobs". Pause on that general fact.

In market economics, all collective life capital is eliminated from view, with all priced commodities called "goods" by definition. Objective bads priced for sale continue to masquerade as "contributing to improved living standards" regardless of the endlessly increasing fossil fuel extraction-pollution and rising epidemic of non-contagious diseases that continue to multiply to the world's biggest killer.

In other words, we currently have an "economic" model that is taking more than is put in in every cycle with no limit and that has become the supreme law of "wealth creation" - with no life coordinates or bases to steer its now pathogenic growth.

The Primary Axiom of All Values and Universal Human Life Needs/Necessities defines the missing life-compass ruled out by definition by the "Zero Carbon" continuum fallacy. The Primary Axiom spells out the universal life-ground and value system in exact and measurable terms across domains. These principles and algorithms of life value are self-evident across perspectives, societies and the world. They are universal and without limit of validity. They together form the ultimately regulating life coherence principle to govern moral, economic, mathematical and political theories now a-priori life-blind.

This clarity of meaning is what is needed most of all to know what we are talking about – principled bases and concepts of understanding defined to precisely rule out their phoney forms and claims which are typically opposite what they appear as. Probabilistically, there is likely not one problem we face as a species which is not permitted, furthered and masked by nice-sounding concepts without any life-grounded meaning or even elementary criterion.

It may feel good and easy to chant slogans together, and there are many who enjoy that, but it only plays into the hands of reinforcing this system distortion for which the only truth is what sells for a private profit - and they use all of these undefined slogans to do it.

This unseen broad continuum fallacy that continues to be pushed forward by the appealing "Green" rhetoric is unpacked step by step in Project Sanity episode 21/ "The Green Continuum" - with Chlöe Swarbrick.