Will the real Dr. Henry Jekyll please stand up?

Will the real Dr. Henry Jekyll please stand up?

I would not be looking to the academics at all to save us. They are possibly the last people to whom I would look to for a variety of reasons.
— Dr. Richard Shaw, Massey University - Project Sanity podcast, Access Manawatu, 12/02/2018

VIDEO: Civilization Collapse - Daniel Schmachtenberger (co-founder of Neurohacker Collective and the Critical Path Institute) speaks here about macro socio-economic factors and sustainability dynamics relating to the present global civilization model in the context of existential angst. Excerpt from Project Sanity Episode 17 ("Ubiquitous Psychopathology").

The new law of human evolution is that all are required to compete for more money and commodities for themselves as ‘necessary to survive’, with the borderless system de-regulated and structured to increasingly impoverish the great majority while multiplying the wealth of the rich. The facts are now long in. Corporate globalization is not only out of control. It is eating the world alive at all levels towards cumulative collapse of organic, social and ecological life organization. Global competition means, in fact, the majority’s life means and security keep falling as the environment is looted and polluted on ever larger scales of depredation. Yet only ‘more growth’ of this system is imagined as a solution. The system is clinically insane.
— Dr. John McMurtry, Author - The Cancer Stage of Capitalism: From Crisis to Cure

VIDEO: Joining the Dots: The Great Reversal - Scott Andrew lays bare what is taboo to lay bare at every level of social life-organisation within the current social order: the unseen inner logic of the cancer stage of capitalism; which is taboo to even know. Also featuring John McMurtry, Peter Joseph, James Gilligan, Robert Sapolsky, Gabor Maté, Mike Joy, Jacque Fresco, Guy McPherson, Jeremy Rifkin.

VIDEO: The Sanity Turn (The Inner Logic of Recovery) - Scott Andrew lays out the immutable social imperative to move from Self-Terminating Money-Capital Sequence Growth to a Life-Capital Sequence Understanding at all levels of social life-organisation. Featuring Project Sanity podcast guests Charlotte Wenner ("Critical Mass Already Achieved?"), Daniel Schmachtenberger ("Ubiquitous Psychopathology") and John McMurtry ("Defining Project Sanity by LVOA").

VIDEO: The Orange Seesaw of Death - Professor Richard Shaw from Massey University breaks down various aspects of our capsizing social construct - a construct where the best of possible worlds is a money-price gain for the exchangers - with absolutely no life coordinates or bases built-in to steer it. From Project Sanity Episode 18 ("No Right to Complain?")

VIDEO: Defining our Collective Project Sanity - John McMurtry explains the immutable social imperative to flip this cancer paradigm to life-coherence and how knowledge is the secret to all human advancement. From Project Sanity Episode 19 ("Defining Project Sanity by LVOA").