25/ "The Kiwi Delusion" with Chris Perley



  1. an idiosyncratic belief or impression maintained despite being contradicted by reality or rational argument, typically as a symptom of mental disorder.

  2. the action of deluding or the state of being deluded.

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In this episode, Scott is joined by Chris Perley to discuss the mechanical spreadsheet-thinking and reverse projection that now mis-rules; along with the immutable social imperative to find our common Life-Ground within the capsizing social construct we endure.

Chris Perley is a consultant and principal of Thoughtscapes, an affiliated researcher with Otago University’s Centre for Sustainability, an activist on social and environmental issues, a member of Wise Response and a thinker, writer and commentator. His work is focused on realising the potential of landscapes, communities and their economies, and on the deeper philosophies underpinning current and potential future approaches.

Chris has consulted to companies, corporations, local government, central government, the United Nations Food & Agricultural Organisation, is published in academic and professional journals, and has presented papers at a number of universities and international and national conferences.

His professional experience relates to: forest ecology; land management across forestry and agriculture; land use integration; regional and sector strategy; policy analysis with a focus on regional issues as well as integrated environmental, social and economic systems; research in late-modern ontologies (Complex Adaptive Systems, Self-Organisation in landscape systems), resilience theory, sustainable land management in socio-ecological systems; and management.