20/ "Critical Mass Already Achieved?" - World Summit update

“Our failures are a consequence of many factors, but possibly one of the most important is the fact that society operates on the theory that specialization precludes comprehensive thinking. This means that the potentially – integratable – techno – economic advantages are not comprehended integratively and therefore are not realized…”
— R. Buckminster Fuller, Engineer.
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In this episode, Project Sanity host Scott Andrew is joined by representatives from four different organisations advocating the installation of a new life-grounded socioeconomic paradigm for an update on the upcoming global World Summit event.

Pushing forward for an exponential breakthrough of global unification and global empathy towards a social transformation out of our current life-blind self-terminating socioeconomic system, we discuss the mini-summit held in Mexico in January 2018 and the core common ground arrived at; the social dis-ease necessitating and supporting this social transformation; what we can expect as we move forward and how we can work together to manifest the main World Summit event into existence.

Special guests:

Defining Critical Mass by Unified Life-Coherent Sanity

Also explored in this episode is the concept of ‘Critical Mass’ in the broad context of a life-grounded approach to The World Summit; what an alternative life-grounded economic model would look like from different angles and some of the alternative funding ideas being proposed in this social transformation; some possible scenarios for how this immutable life-coherent change could occur; the next logical step - that is, life-grounded unification; as well as addressing challenges and concerns regarding unifying different groups towards a life-coherent unified interest for life-coherent social transformation.

    Critical Mass Already Achieved? is the fourth and final extended episode of Project Sanity's Feb 2018 four-part Social-Life Vaccine series of weekly extended episodes.

    Ep 20 VIDEO PREVIEW: Defining Critical Mass by Unified Life-Coherent Sanity.

    Knowledge is growing and that is the big independent variable that will decide. It isn’t the masses; the masses are going to definitely be necessary, but the masses have to know. And what leads them is the knowledge. And what leads us all is the knowledge. Knowledge is the independent variable that we base upon and that we move forward with.
    — Dr. John McMurtry, Author - The Cancer Stage of Capitalism: From Crisis to Cure