16/ "Production Destruction" with Gordon Marshall


At a time when we now use the annual output of the planet's resources in 8 months, and with not even one faction of the coloured money-party yet proposing to reduce so-called "production", Scott is joined by Gordon Marshall - independent RBE candidate for the 2017 NZ General Election - to discuss our imposed anti-economic system that now destroys more means of life than it produces, yet still absurdly calling it "enhancing people's wellbeing" at every level.

They discuss applying this new global logic to the local level and how a so-called "economic" system that destroys more means of life than it produces cannot, by definition, be called an "economy" by anyone with a working mind.

Also discussed is the immutable social imperative to install of the missing life-coordinates (that is, making the distinction between "production" of priced bads vs. production of true life-goods); and why the "basic income" construct is numerically futile in this context in and of itself as a "solution" to our growing social pathology where everything being propagated by the government, business and "activist" mis-leaders has now been reversed in meaning beneath recognition.


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