14/ "The Life-Value Turn" with Casey Davidson


In this episode, Scott is joined by Casey Davidson - National Coordinator for The Zeitgeist Movement Australia.

Scott and Casey discuss standing on the shoulders of giants and the importance of remaining a leader-full movement, along with the important life-grounding work being done by a dedicated group of individuals towards arriving at a new emergent world constitution. They also surgically demolish the life-blind "overpopulation bomb” argument and discuss the near-term human extinction movement and its concept of “hopium”.

Also discussed is what people can do on a personal level to empower and inspire each other and to affect social change as we all collectively come to terms with the capsizing condition of our social construct and planetary existence.

Ep 14 VIDEO PREVIEW - "The Life-Value Turn" - breaking down the ruling disorder and installing the missing life coordinates with Casey Davidson, National Coordinator for Zeitgeist Movement Australia.