29/ "Question Time Blues" with Catherine Delahunty


Scott chats with recovering MP, Catherine Delahunty.

Topics discussed include the specifics of the failed Westminster model and Catherine's one-woman play "Question Time Blues"; the failed market model of "economics"; Patriarchy; the new “Extinction Rebellion” movement now rising up across continents; and the logic of NZ teachers broadening their strike agenda to include standing in solidarity with overseas students now striking against Governments for their lack of structural action to address climate change.

28/ "Moral DNA" with Michael Salmon

Market Theology appears to be the most anti-moral system one can imagine, but in fact it is a moral system and is defended as a moral system. In this episode, Scott is joined by genetics student Michael Salmon to discuss in broad detail genetic-meme-social programming in the context of the biological correlative of the self-multiplying money-sequence mechanism.

22/ "Politicking Parameters" with Liam Anderson

In this episode, Scott is joined in the Palmerston North studio by Liam Anderson - Head Developer for the New Zealand Institute of Resource Based Economics and NZ 2017 Election RBE/Money Free Party candidate for the West Coast-Tasman electorate. They discuss the need for "politics" to move from Crisis to CRIST-list: the non negotiable Operating Parameters we are all now facing together as we move forward.

21/ "The Green Continuum" with Chlöe Swarbrick

In this episode, Project Sanity host Scott Andrew is joined in the Palmerston North studio by Chlöe Swarbrick, former Auckland Mayoral candidate and now the youngest Member of Parliament in New Zealand where they address the accelerating spectrum of structural violence and oppression pushed forward by this life-blind Market Theology that is still absurdly masked as "neoliberalism" by the left.

20/ "Critical Mass Already Achieved?" - World Summit update

In this episode, Project Sanity host Scott Andrew is joined by representatives from four different organisations advocating the installation of a new life-grounded socioeconomic paradigm for an update on the upcoming global World Summit event; and to define 'Critical Mass' in the context of unified life-coherent sanity.

19/ "Defining Project Sanity By L-V O-A" with John McMurtry

In this episode, Project Sanity host Scott Andrew is joined by Dr. John McMurtry to define our common Project Sanity in the broad context of our now clinically insane globally life-invading Money-Capital cancer system; and how to install the missing life coordinates in order to move forward (ie, the inner logic of recovery).